Investments are just the beginning. The Premiere 401(k) retirement service monitors participant performance and alerts you to events that could potentially impact your years of retirement.

Why Advice Matters:

To help participants reach their desired retirement outcomes, eRIA provides participants the opportunity to speak to an eRIA investment representative to discuss retirement strategies and receive personalized advice regarding their 401(k) account.

401(k) plans are not one size fits all, which is why eRIA takes the time to reach out and alert participants when we see an opportunity or if someone makes an investment decision that could derail their retirement goals.  When a participant has a question on their retirement progress, a real person will answer their call who can provide advice and answer any questions they may have.  The Premiere 401(k)retirement service doesn’t stop after you buy a plan, that’s when the service really starts!

*Depending on the compensation determined between you and your advisor, one of the above lineups would be selected within the Premiere 401(k) retirement service.