There's no such thing as a free 401(k), unfortunately others may lead you to believe there is. That's why PlatinumRetire is a low-cost, high-value solution that has transparent pricing. You'll know exactly what you and your employees will be paying before you get your first invoice because the fees aren't hidden.

Plan4Most Pricing

Plan4Most 401(k) is designed for any business that has non-owner, full time employees.

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For example, an employee with $10,000 in retirement savings with PlatinumRetire would only pay a little under $8 per month.

Solo(k) Pricing

A Solo(k) is ideal for:

Owner-only businesses whose only employees are the owner or the owner and spouse.

Partnerships whose only employees are partners or partners and spouse.

C and S corporations where the corporation has only one shareholder and the only employees are the shareholder or shareholder and spouse.

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Starting a new plan? Did you know you are eligible for tax savings for three years after setting up a new plan? Ask your tax professional about the potential benefits of starting a 401(k).

Already have a plan? Upgrading to PlatinumRetire is quick and easy. Contact one of our retirement specialists for a free cost comparison to your current retirement plan.